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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bella Gorgeous Chiffon Fishtail

BATIK DESIGN : Pink / Blue / Apple Green / Olive Green / Orange Red
RETRO BOLA DESIGN : Blue Red / Mint Green / Khaki Brown / Orange Green
PEACOCK DESIGN : Blue Grey / Turquiose / Orange Red / Pink Red / Silver Grey
FLORAL LEAF DESIGN : Royal Blue / Mint Green / Candy Pink / Salmon Orange
Model size reference : UK18/UK20 Bust - 46inches / 117cm, Waist - 41inches / 104cm, Hips - 47inches / 119cm
Bella Gorgeous Chiffon Fishtail
SIZE : Free size big size : Fits L to 5XL
Outer chiffon tunic : Bust / Waist : Flat measurement : 64.5inches, Hips : Flat measurements : 58.7inches, Length - 30inches front and back, sides 32.5inches, Arm opening - Max 40inches round, elbow opening - Max 20inches round, Top quality soft printed chiffon, x jarang for this material sbb chiffon tebal, many prints & colours
RM25 (X-mas Clearence price)

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