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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Floral Denim biker jacket

 Blue XXL / Blue XXXL (Restocks in dark blue & black colours arriving in 1st wk July 2012)
Floral Denim biker jacket
SIZE : XXL : Fits UK14 to UK18
B - 44 to 48inches, W - Max 42inches, H - Max 48inches, L - 23inches, Arm - Max 23inches
SIZE : XXXL : Fits UK20 - UK24
B - 48 to 52inches, w - Max 46inches, H - Max 54inches, L - 23.5inches, Arm - Max 24inches
Good quality medium thick stretchable blue denim with smocked elastic waistband, can wear buttoned / unbuttoned, cool biker inspired collar, sleeves can be worn 3/4 length without folding or u can wear elbow length after folding to show the vintage floral  print

Lacey Roxanna tunic

 Green XXL / Orange XXL
Lacey Roxanna Tunic
SIZE : XXL : UK16 to UK22, Bust - Max 50inches, Waist - Max 46inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 29inches, Arm opening - Max 22inches round. Good quality soft and stretchable ribbed cotton with tiered ruffled lace bodice & sleeves

Victoria drawstring stunner

Dark Orange / Sexy Black / Rapsberry Pink / Electric Blue
Victoria drawstring stunner
Best fit for UK18 to UK24, Bust - Max 58inches, waist - Max 55inches, Hips - Max 55inches, Length - 32inches, Arm opening - Max 21.5inches round, Good quality soft and stretchable Tshirt cotton, slimming V-neck, drawstring hips design

Roxanna printed stretch maxi

Leopard print : Light Brown / Dark Brown / Grey black
Polkadot print : Red Black / Dark Pink white / Nude black
Polkadot print : Soft Orange white / Black white / Mustard yellow black / Navy Blue white
Roxanna printed stretch maxi
Bust - 38 to 55inches, Waist - 34 to 53inches, Hips - 44 to 62inches, Length - 56inches, Arm opening - Max 23inches round, Good quality soft and stretchable cotton spandex in sexy leopard / classic polkadot print, sexy keyhole ribbon front tie front or back, super stretchy elastic waistband!

Braided Grecian dress

Apple Green / Army Green / Pure black / Lavender / Navy / Orange / Mustard Yellow / Pink
Can be buttoned both sides to make shorter peplum tunic (32inches) full dress length (38inches)
  Braided Grecian dress
SIZE : Free : Bust - 40 to 54inches, Waist - 42 to 64inches, Hips - 47 to 72inches, Full Length - 38inches, Buttoned up peplum length - 32inches, Arm opening - Max 22inches round. Good quality soft stretchable jersey with braided gold shoulder straps, comes with removable gold waist sash

Stripey tank maxi

Purple black / Blue Black / Green Black
Green white / Black white / Red white / Blue white
Stripey tank maxi
B:38-46inches, W-max 44inches, H-Max 48inches, L-55inches, Arm-Max 23 inches
Good quality soft and stretchable thick cotton jersey, superb material, simple U-neck front & back, flared long skirt, very comfy and stretchy material

Hayley butterfly cardi

 Chocolate red / Grey Orange / Black Orange
 Blue Black / Red Black
Hayley Butterfly cardi
Bust - Max 55inches, Waist - Max 55inches, Hips - Max 55inches, Length - 29inches, Arm (top arm) opening - Max 26inches round, elbow hole is 18inches, Good quality soft and stretchable knit in 2 tone butterfly cutting, comes with metal clasp, can wear the cardi buttoned / un-buttoned

Batwing button jacket

Black XXL / Black XL / Black L
Batwing button jacket
XXL : B - 46 to 54inches, W - 38 to 44inches, H - 46 to 54inches, L - 28inches, Arms - Max 22inches
XL : B - 42 to 50inches, W - 32 to 40inches, H - 42 to 50inches, L - 27.5inches, Arms - Max 21inches
L : B - 36 to 44inches, W - 28 to 34inches, L - 27inches, Arms - Max 20inches
Good quality stretchable black cotton, batwing sleeves, elastic cuffs, 2 rows of gold buttons

Slouchy Diana dress

 Mustard Yellow / Electric blue / Chilli Red / Dark Grey
Slouchy Diana dress
Bust - 50 to 64 inches, Waist -  50 to 64inches, Hips - 48 to 60inches, Length - 35inches, Arm opening - Max 25inches round, Good quality soft and stretchable thick polyester (does not stick to body and flows nicely  type) drawstring shoulders to sleeve design

Alana Simple drawstring dress

Bronze Orange / Elec Blue / Choc brown / Pure white
 Chilli red / Sunny yellow / Steel grey / Grass Green
Pure black / Tangerine Orange / Powder Blue
Alana Simple drawstring dress
Bust : 44 to 54inches, waist 40 to 50inches, Hips 46 to 60inches, Arm opening max 23inches round, Length : 47inches (knee length to mid calf length depending on your height)
Good quality soft and stretchable plain cooling lycra cotton mix, loose slouchy style, comes with matching waist ribbon, or u can remove it & wear it as loose tunic, simple ruched cap sleeves

Puffy Sleeve Bolero

 White / Brown / Maroon
Dark Grey / Pure  Black
Puffy Sleeved bolero
Bust - Max 48inches, Waist - Max 42inches, arm opening - Max 22inches round
Good quality soft and very stretchable knit, puffy sleeve detailing, highly recommended item!

Smocked Ethnic maxi

 Ethnic floral print : Purple Grey / Blue brown / Red Grey
 Ethnic Batik Print : Yellow Brown / Blue Black / Red Black
Smocked Ethnic maxi
Bust - Max 49inches, Waist - Max 44inches, Hips - Max 54inches, Length - 52inches from bust, 57inches from shoulder, Good quality heavy and stretchable thick printed lycra, smocked bust all around, optional halterneck tie, proper long maxi for up to 170cm height

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