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Friday, November 11, 2011

Mary-Jane ribbon whites

Mary-Jane ribbon whites
Bust - Max 48inches, Waist - Max 48inches, Hips - Max 55inches, Length - 28inches, Arm opening - Max 21inches round, Good quality white Indian cotton, fully functional buttons down the front, pleated bodice, sweet collar with ribbon tie, 3/4 length slight balloon sleeves

Puffy Knit button cardi

XXL - Dark Grey - Available / Black - Available / Dark brown - Available
XXXL - Dark Grey - Available / Black - Available / Dark brown - Available
Puffy knit button cardi
SIZE : XXL : Bust - Max 45inches, Waist - Max 42inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 32inches, Arm opening - Max 19inches round
SIZE : XXXL : Bust - Max 49inches, Waist - Max 45inches, Hips - Max 53inches, Length - 32.5inches, Arm opening - Max 20inches round
Good quality soft and stretchable thick cotton knit, very top quality material, large puffy shoulders, full sleeves, functionable buttons down front, can wear as dress or unbuttoned / buttoned long cardi

Vintage Lace dressy

 Model in bronze paired with vintage braided belt chestnut brown / floaty butterfly sleeves
cream - Available / Bronze - Available / Black - ALL SOLD OUT
 Vintage Lace dressy
Bust - Max 48inches, Waist - Max 44inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 31inches, Arm opening - Max 22.5inches round Good quality soft and stretchable lace, v-neckine, smocked waist, large floaty lace butterfly sleeves (sleeves is 2 inch longer than Anna lace dressy), full inner lining with additonal ruffled hemming, gorgeous dress

Gypsy butterfly tunic

 Black - Available / Pink - Available

 Blackberry - Available / Brown - Available
Gyspy Butterfly tunic
Bust - 40 to 46inches, Waist - 30 to 40inches, Hips - 40 to 46 inches, Length - 20inches, Arm opening - 21inches round
Good quality soft and sheer  cotton, gypsy inspired collar and hips design which can be worn as it is, 1 shouldered or off shouldered, smocked hips, large airy butterfly sleeves, very sweet!

Melly Knit Bolero

 Grey - Available / Khaki - Available / Black - Available
Melly Knit bolero
SIZE : Bust - 36 to 46inches, Waist - 36 to 40inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 28inches, Arm opening - Max 19inches round, Good quality soft and stretchable knit with sexy cut-out motifs

Full sleeve knit half cardigan

Navy Blue / Dark Grey 
Dark Brown / Pure Black / cream White 
Full sleeved front tie cardigan
 Measurements : Best fitting for Bust - Max 48inches, Waist - Max 44inches
Good quality soft and stretchable knit material with front tie design, basic item for mix and matching, slimming cutting

BBW printed dress

 Leopard print dress size UK24 - UK26 / Bust - 55 to 64inch / Waist - 42 to 50inch / Hip - 58 to 72inch / Arm - 24inch / Long - 40inch
Leopard size UK24 - UK26
Polkadot print dress size UK20 - UK22 / Bust - 50 to 58inch / Waist - 40 to 46inch / Hip - 55 to 68inch / Arm - 23inch / Long - 39inch
Polkadot pink size UK20 to UK22 / Polkadot green size UK20 to UK22 - Available
BBW printed dress
Boutique quality soft stretchable cotton for leopard print, non stretchable cotton for polkadot print. Both designs featuring smocked waistband with full pleated knee length skirts & cap sleeves. Both designs are meant for sizes UK20 & above. I'm a size UK18 and these dresses are too big for me
Leopard RM55 / Polkadot RM50

Ultra long tank

Brown - Available / Orange - Available / Black - Available / Pink - Available / Blue - Available 
Grey - Available / Blackberry - Available / White - Available / Lime - ALL SOLD OUT
Ultra long tank
Bust - Max 48inches, Waist - Max 44inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 28inches, Arm opening - Max 22inches round Good quality soft and stretchable cotton jersey in flattering U front and back, thick straps that hold well on ur shoulders, nice long length

Girl next door

 Dark Brown / Dark Pink / Raven blue
 Light grey - ALL SOLD OUT
 Dusty pink - ALL SOLD OUT / Black - ALL SOLD OUT / White
Girl next door
Bust - Max 48inches, Waist - Max 46inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 26inches, Arm open - Max 20inches round,Top quality soft cotton, sleeves length adjustable, fully functional buttons

Plus size Evening gown

Teal L - Avaialble / Teal XL - Available / Teal XXL - Available / Teal XXXL - SOLD OUT
Plus size evening gown
SIZE L : Fits L to XL / Fits UK12 to UK14 / Bust - 33 to 39inches, Waist - 33 to 37inches, Hips - 46 to 56inches, Length - 55inches from strap
SIZE XL : Fits XL to XXL / Fits UK14 to UK16 / Bust - 40 to 44 inches, Waist - 34 to 38inches, Hips - 46 to 56inches, Length - 55.5 inches from strap
SIZE XXL : Fits XXL to XXXL / Fits UK18 to UK20 / Bust - 45 to 49 inches, Waist - 39 to 44inches, Hips - 46 to 56inches, Length - 56inches from strap
SIZE XXXL : Fits XXXL to  XXXL / Fits UK20 to UK22 / Bust - 50 to 54inches, Waist - 45 to 49inches, Hips 51 to 61inches, Length - 57inches from strap
Good quality soft triple layer chiffon, very full flowing skirt, braided under bust smocked elastic, side zipper bust closing, toga braided rossette strap, ruched bodice

Studded slouchy tunic

Grey black - ALL SOLD OUT / Purple Black - ALL SOLD OUT / Blue Black - Available
 Studded slouchy tunic
SIZE : Bust - 44 to 52inches, Waist - 38 to 44inches, Hips - 42 to 50inches, Length - 30inches, Arm opening - Max 23inches round, Good quality soft and stretchable cotton jersey, large batwing arms, cool studded stripes design

Slouchy Lace cardi

Bronze - Available / Chocolate - Available / Grey - Available
Black - Available
  Slouchy Lace Cardi
SIZE : Bust - Max 50inches, Waist - Max 44inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 28inches, Arm opening - Max 21.5inches Good quality soft and stretchable cotton knit with lace hemming bottom half, slouchy drapey design, 3/4 length sleeves, gorgeous cardi!

Sexy mesh Jumpsuit

Dark Grey / Blackberry Purple / Peach pink / Khaki cream
Pure Black / Electric blue 
Sexy Mesh Jumpsuit
Free size for S to L only (this cutting is smaller than previous batch) : Bust - 32 to 44inches, Waist - 27 to 38inches, Hips - 38 to 46inches, Length - 54inches, Arm opening - Max 20inches round. Good quality soft and stretchable polyester, half mesh bodice shoulder design, smocked waistband

Elegant Rossette Maxidress

 Red L - Available / Red XL - Available / Grey L - Available / Grey XL - Available
 Black L-Available/Black XL-Available/BlackberryL-SOLD OUT / Blackberry XL - SOLD OUT
Elegant Rossette Maxidress
SIZE : L/44 : Bust - Max 44inches, Waist - Max 38inches, Hips - Max 48inches, Length - 52inches, Arm - Max 19inches round
SIZE : XL/46 : Bust - Max 46inches, Waist - Max 40inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 53inches, Arm - Max 20inches round
Good quality soft stretchable thick lycra, smocked bust all around, slimming ruched gathered design, dainty roses sewn in waist sash, modest V shape neckline, thick shoulder straps for better support

Bella Checkered BF shirt V2

 Yellow - Available / Orange - Available / Purple - Available
 Pink - ALL SOLD OUT / Green - Available / Blue - ALL SOLD OUT
Bella Checkered BF shirt V2
SIZE : 48 : Bust - 44 to 48inches, Waist -  40 to 44 inches, Hips - 44 to 48inches, Length - 29inches, Arm opening - Max 20inches round, Good quality soft checkered shirt, arm sleeves can be rolled and buttoned up, functional front buttons, side hips can be buttoned up (same as Bella checkered shirt material and design except this comes in size 48 instead of 44)

Slouchy Grecian maxi

Floral Black - ALL SOLD OUT / Orient Green - Available / Floral Blue - Available
Slouchy Grecian Maxi
SIZE : XXL : Fits XL to XXXXL (Best fits UK14 to UK24 : nor recommended for petites)
Bust - 46 to 54inches, Waist - 40 to 48inches, Hips - 46 to 55inches, Length - 55inches (long maxi), Arm opening - Max 22.4inches round
Good quality soft and stretchable printed cotton, V neck front and back, very large and slouchy arm opening with ruched arms design, wide smocked waist

Julia dinner dress

XL/UK12-UK16 - Emerald Green - Available / Steel Grey - Available
XXL/UK16-UK20 - Emerald Green - ALL SOLD OUT / Steel Grey - ALL SOLD OUT
Julia  dinner dress
XL/UK12 - UK16 / Bust - Max 46inches, Waist - Max 40inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 36inches, Arm opening - Max 19inches round
XXL/UK16 - UK20 / Bust - Max 49inches, Waist - Max 42inches, Hips - Max 54inches, Length - 36inches, Arm opening - Max 20inches round
Ruched bodice with slight v-neck, 2 side pockets on a friendly peplum cut, has 2 belt loops so u can wear it as it is, tie a ribbon bow or slip on a skinny belt, slight puff shoulders

Checkered Lacey maxi

Navy Blue / Pure Black / Maroon Red 
Checkered Lacey maxi
SIZE : XXL : Bust - Max 55inches, Waist - Max 50inches, Hips - Max 65inches, Length - 54inches from shoulder Good quality checkered denim with tiered lace hemming, fully smocked bust, tie urself shoulder straps, full length inner lining, best fits size XL to 3XL as cutting is very big

2800denier stockings / leggings

Black Stockings - Available
 Black leggings - Available
 2800denier stockings / leggings
 Fits UK12 to UK18 comfortably / Waist - Max 30 to 44inches, Hips - 40 to 55inches, Boutique quality soft, thick and stretchable NON SEE THRU 2800denier thickness, comes in both cover full feet (stockings) / ankle length, when i wear this, can pull up higher than belly button by 2 inches

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