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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Apologise for late reply of emails 15.11.10 to 18.11.10

Dear dear customers & friends, I truly apologise for the late reply of emails since yesterday and will be most probably until tomorrow. I had just undergone stomach surgery and is now in the recovery period. I will try my very best to reply all pending mails latest by Thursday 18.11.10. As tomorrow 17.11.10 is a public holiday, all posting will be resumed by Friday 19.11.10. My sincere apologise once again for the late email replies to all and hope to have your kind understanding on this. The last posting was done yesterday Monday 15.11.10 and I will try to get one of my family members to update it on my blog tomorrow. Love, Hugs & Kisses, Jessabella

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to KL babes! - new updates 04.09.10!!!

new stocks shipped - eta 04.09.2010 / enjoying my holiday eating eating eating!!! Maxi dress - 4 colours / kaftan maxi - 5 colours / tyedyed jumpsuit - 6 colours Long sleeved maxi -8 colours / Ruffled cardigan - 8 colours / halter plain maxi - 7 colours
Smocked babydoll / ruched jersey dress - 7 colours / Stripey Tshirt dress - 3 colours
Hi babes! I'm officially back from Bangkok (1st Sept 2010). Here are some of the items I will be uploading these few days, The rest of the stocks are being shipped back to KL as I'm writing this post, stocks should reach me by this Saturday Today and Friday I will be clearing all outstanding parcel deliveries to you first! Happy shopping ladies! Love, Jessica

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Apology and announcement

Hi lovelies, Really sorry that for these 2 days Wednesday and Thursday I'm not able to post out many promised parcels due to many ongoing commitments and preparations for CNY. I promise to send them all out tomorrow morning ya? On a good note though, Nanyang Siang Pau (Mandarin) will be doing a short coverage on fashionable and affordable plus size with JPS this evening but I'm not sure yet when the actual publishing will be and this coming Sunday Astro will be doing a coverage with JPS on one of our local TV rancangan wanita (Bahasa Malaysia). Really excited about this as this will be JPS's first debut on national telly and media coverage So happy as I am now I still want to officially apologise to everyone for the delay in posting out everyone's paid parcels these 2 days. The last deliveries I have sent out was on Tuesday 02.02.2010 and will resume back by tomorrow 05.02.2010

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