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Monday, April 30, 2012

2pcs Vintage Pixie workdress

XXXL : Mustard Yellow / Rapsberry Pink / Raven Blue
Vintage Pixie Workdress
SIZE XXXL : UK18 to UK22 Bust - 46 to 50inches, Waist 42 to 46inches, Hips - 46 to 52inches, Length - 36.5inches, Arm opening - Max 24inches round
Good quality thick & stretchable dinner material mix, comes with sewn on stretchable jersey black cardigan with 3/4 sleeves, lovely dress for work!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maggie Retro tunic

  Maggie Retro Tunic
Bust - Max 54inches, Waist - Max 46inches, Hips - Max 48inches, Length - 30inches, Arm opening - Max 19.5inches Good quality cooling printd lycra with retro motifs, slimming V-neck, love the ruched design! can wear it long or ruched at the hips

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crop Colourblock Tee

Mustard / Red / Teal / Blue / Purple / Pink
 Crop Colourblock Tee
SIZE : 50, Bust - Max 62inches, Waist - Max 68inches, Hips - Max 70inches, Length - 28inches front, 30inches back, Arm opening - Max 24inches round, Good quality soft and stretchable Tshirt cotton in vertical V colour block design, wear it over a inner shirt / long tank top / over a maxi dress RM34

Slim Bar Clincher

Khaki brown / Dark brown / Black / Elec Blue / Grass Green / Yellow / Cream / Orange / Red
 Slim Bar clincher
Waist - 36 to 42inches comfortably (max stretch is 44inches) single front double button closing, very comfy and stretchy band, slim silver bar block design, there is a protective plastic clear sticker on the metal bar when u receive the clincher, just remove it before use ya

Thursday, April 19, 2012

African Samba dress

 green yellow brown / green brown red / yellow red black / brown yellow black
African Samba dress
Bust - 38 to 54inches, Waist - 34 to 46inches, Hips - 40 to 56inches, Length - 34inches, Arm opening - Max 23.2inches round (deliciosly large cutting)
Good quality soft and stretchable cotton jersey in tiered block colours, racerback design, front V neck design, smocked underbust, flair A-line skirt

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shell clasp clincher

Cream / Navy Blue / Black
Shell clasp clincher
Fits 32 to 42 inch waist comfortably

Floral ruched Jacket

Floral : XL / XXL / XXXL / XXXXL
Floral ruched jacket
XL : UK12 - UK14 : Bust - Max 44inch, Waist - Max 42inch,  Arm - Max 23inch
XXL : UK16 - UK18 : Bust - Max 48inch, Waist - Max 46inch, Arm - Max 24inch
XXXL : UK20 - UK22 : Bust - Max 52inch, Waist - Max 50inch, Arm - Max 25inch
XXXXL : UK24 - UK26 : Bust - Max 56inch, Waist - Max 54inch, Arm - Max 26inch
Good quality soft stretchable cotton in floral black base print, very ruched shoulder sleeve design, simple slimming cutting, same cutting as Formal ruched jacket in black

Nissa Checkered shirtdress

 5XL : Blue Grey / Brown Orange / Pink Green / Purple Red
4XL : Blue Grey / Brown Orange / Pink Green / Purple Red
Nissa Checkered Shirtdress
SIZE : 4XL/48 : Bust - 44 to 48inches, Waist - Max 44inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 32inches Arm opening - Max 23inches round
SIZE : 5XL/52 : Bust - 48 to 52inches, Waist - Max 48inches, Hips - Max 54inches, Length - 33inches Arm opening - Max 24inches round
Good quality thick checkered soft cotton, full long sleeves, can be rolled up and buttoned at the side

Saloma Oversized Tee

 Black / Mint Green / Light Grey / Orange
Saloma Oversized Tee
SIZE : 54/XXXXL : Bust - Max 65inches, Waist - Max 68inches, Hips - Max 72inches, Length - 29inches, Arm opening - Max 26inches, Elbow opening - Max 20inches, Good quality soft and stretchable thick cotton jersey, can wear as oversized tee or tie ribbon at the side as crop outer tee

Ribbed Inner tube

Black / Dark Purple / Cream White / Green / Choc Brown / Chilli Red / Dark pink / Yellow
 Ribbed inner tube
SIZE : Free : UK6 to UK22 : Measurements : Bust - Max 50inches, Waist - Max 50inches. Good quality soft, thick and stretchable cotton, ribbed design hugs ur boobies firmly so tube feels securely latched on, can be attached to bra straps front and back, handy versatile pcs to keep in ur wardrobe!

Tibetan Batwing tunic

Blue / Pink / Purple / Brown
 Tibetan Batwing Tunic
SIZE : 50 : Bust - Max 50inches, Waist - Max 50inches, Hips - Max 53inches, Length - 26.5inches, Arm opening - Max 22inches round Good quality soft Indian cotton with gorgeous colourful prints, large comfy batwing sleeves

Waka Waka floral tunic

Pink / Purple / Green / Brown / Red / Black
Waka Waka Floral tunic
SIZE : 52 : Bust - Max 52inches, Waist - Max 52inches, Hips - Max 55inches, Length - 32inches, Arm opening - Max 24inches
Good quality soft sheer printed cotton, large 3/4 sleeves, comfy waka waka design

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